We no longer have to simply trust large companies to respect and protect our personal data. Push a new era forward by building Blockstack apps that Can't Be Evil. $15,000 in cash prizes and experiences are up for grabs!

Can't Be Evil

Join Blockstack in moving the internet forward! We're looking for developers & entrepreneurs that want to help end data breaches, predatory ad models, and the commoditization & abuse of individuals' digital identities. Enter the 3rd installment of the 'Can't Be Evil' contest by submitting an app that is private by default, leaves the user in full control of their data, and protects their fundamental digital rights. In other words, submit a Blockstack app and take your first steps into a growing ecosystem that is flipping the status quo on its head.


You can win in up to two categories with a single entry.

Most Fun Application: Puzzles, Games, & General Fun

Brought to you by Union Square Ventures Analyst, Dani Grant will be looking for the most fun app. While games and puzzles are two potential focuses, any app that aims to provide end users with a fun, engaging experience is fair game.

Best Use of Twilio in a Can’t Be Evil Application

The top app in this category will be determined by Founder of New Internet Labs, Larry Salibra. Larry will choose the app that uses any of Twilio’s APIs in the most protocol-like way, while still maintaining the promise of Can’t Be Evil with user owned identity and data. Participants should think about how to turn a Twilio service into a trusted network protocol.

Best Designed Lightning Enabled Application

Judged by Jeff Domke, Head of Product at Blockstack PBC, this award will go to the application with the most polished design that makes use of both Blockstack and the Lightning Network in a core way. 



Dani Grant, Analyst, Union Square Ventures

Most Fun App: Puzzles, Games, & General Fun

Dani Grant is an analyst at Union Square Ventures. Dani comes from the Product Strategy team Cloudflare, where she was a part of growing the IPv6 internet, helping provide DNS service to the F-Root server, and launching the fastest DNS resolver, Before Cloudflare, Dani was an intern on BuzzFeed's product team, designed infographics for Young and Rubicam, spent time on the Ogilvy team in Shanghai, China, and flew to Bhutan with Matternet to use drones to transport medical supplies.

Larry Salibra, Founder, New Internet Labs

Best Use of Twilio in a Can't Be Evil Application

Larry Salbira is the founder of New Internet Labs, a company building a browser for the new internet that runs apps that Can't Be Evil. Previously, he was an early engineer at Blockstack PBC building the Blockstack browser and developer tools. He is a co-founder of the Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong. Prior to crypto he ran a software consultancy in South China.

Jeff Domke, Head of Product, Blockstack PBC

Best Designed Lightning Enabled Application

Jeff Domke leads product at Blockstack. Previously he was CPO and the first here at CompStak (real estate analytics) where he helped grow the user base 125x, hire 50 team members, and raise 22M in funding. He also previously cofounded Signal (CX analytics) and Capsule.me (consumer messaging).


Resources (Get Started!)

We've collected the best getting started resources right here. If you need anything else, please join us on Slack with the button to the right or contact community@blockstack.com, we'd love to help you!



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Entering is easy:

  1. Register here on DevPost
  2. Build your app, taking note of the three categories
  3. Finish by submitting your app to App Mining at https://app.co/mining and fully complete registration.

Completing App Mining registration can take up to 2-3 days. Please plan accordingly and begin the submission process early enough to meet the deadline.

Tip: Learn to build a dapp in less than 60 minutes with the Zero-to-Dapp tutorial

Apps submitted to the Can't Be Evil Contest must also qualify for App Mining, so the submission requirements for that program, as displayed below, must be met. Learn more about App Mining.

Requirements: Your app should integrate Blockstack authentication for logging into your app. Your finished app should be available to the public for use. The application must use a registered domain name and the app should be hosted at a URL belonging to the domain. The app website must use a secured (https) connection.

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$16,800 in prizes

1st Prize (applies to all categories) (3)

→ $5,000 cash
→ Ongoing App Mining Payments According to Rank
→ Prize details - https://community.blockstack.org/evil/#prizes

2nd Prize (applies to all categories) (3)

→ $500 cash
→ Ongoing App Mining Payments According to Rank
→ Ongoing App Mining Payments According to Rank
→ Alienware Aurora R7 Gaming PC

3rd Prize (applies to all categories) (3)

→ $100 (awarded via Visa gift card)
→ Ongoing App Mining Payments According to Rank
→ Prize details - https://community.blockstack.org/evil/#prizes

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Dani Grant

Dani Grant

Larry Salibra

Larry Salibra

Jeff Domke

Jeff Domke

Judging Criteria

  • Judging Overview
    Judges will pick the best app submitted to their category by scoring on three criteria from 1-5. Uniqueness and User Experience are shared criteria, the third is unique to the category. More: https://community.blockstack.org/evil-criteria
  • All | Overall User Experience
    Is the app easy to use? Does the interface make sense? Is it easy to get started and setup?
  • All | Uniqueness or Innovation
    Are there other readily available apps that I can accomplish the same result with? Does the app allow the user to accomplish something new? Does the app have a unique or new business model?
  • Category I Most Fun Application: Puzzles, Games, & General Fun
    How engaging is the application? Does it provide an enjoyable experience that keeps a user coming back? Is this the type of app you would immediately open if you were bored? Does the use case prioritize enjoyment first?
  • Category I Best Use of Twilio in a Can’t Be Evil Application
    Does the app use one of Twilio’s APIs in a core way that further enables the use case? Is it still a “Can’t Be Evil” app that enables user owned identity and data? Is Twilio used in a protocol like way that adds to the user experience?
  • Category I Best Designed, Lightning Enabled Application
    How intuitive and polished is the design of the app? Does it make use of the Lightning Network in a core way? How easy is the app to use? Do all the design elements (logos, layout, colors) work well together?

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